Do You Believe in Miracles?

I do.

Who do you think of when you think about the word Miracles?

A lot of times, when people think of the word miracles they think of it happening to saints and other kind of special people. But that isn’t true, they can happen to regular people just like you and me.

Have You Seen Miracles in Your Life?

I have and I was called to share them with you. 

Let Me Share Miracles that Happened in My Life and in the Lives of Others With You!!

This ebook will show you:

♦ That miracles can happen in Today’s world and they do in fact EXIST 

 Miracles that have happened in other people’s lives

 Miracles that have happened in my own life

 Some of my most favorite Prayers

 How to receive a Free Complimentary My Favorite Prayers Book


Inside you will find:


Part 1: How It All Began

Chapter 1: A Little Bit About Me

Chapter 2: At Home Altar

Chapter 3: Faith Questions

Chapter 4: Holy Souls in Purgatory

Part 2: Miracles in My Life

Chapter 5: My Husband

Chapter 6: The Change of My Life: America

Chapter 7: Jesus, Do You Care About Me?

Chapter 8: The Doctor Visit

Chapter 9: My Daughter is Born

Chapter 10: Living, Working, and Taking Care of My Child

Chapter 11: My New Life

Chapter 12: Education

Chapter 13: Kamila Growing Up

Chapter 14: Other Miracles in My Life

Chapter 15: My Advice to Others

Chapter 16: Only Heaven Counts

Chapter 17: Miracle in Dividing Money

Chapter 18: Guardian Angels

Chapter 19: Don’t Complain, Start Changes With Yourself

Chapter 20: Happiness and Smile

Chapter 21: Don’t Worry and Forgive

Chapter 22: The Year of Mercy

Chapter 23: Our Lady of Good Success

Chapter 24: Give Generously and God Will Reward You

Chapter 25: Silence

Chapter 26: Is It Worth It?


Part 3: My Favorite Prayers